Spend Analytics

A powerhouse of information and insight

Key Features

Save time

No need to waste time manually looking through your data for spending patterns, information gaps, and inconsistencies. It is all automated.

Data visualization

Quickly gain an understanding of your spend, which suppliers are most important to your business, and where the greatest risks lie.

Better decision making

Identify opportunities by seeing price variations across similar goods and services, and where your employees are buying outside of preferred channels.

View the past, Manage the present

JAGGAER Spend Analytics collects, cleanses and classifies historical spend data; and provides a real-time view into current spending for planning and compliance initiatives.

  • Identify product, service and supplier rationalization opportunities
  • Aggregate demand across your organization for negotiation leverage
  • Monitor compliance of real-time spend in JAGGAER eProcurement

Spend Analytics Webinar

Improve invoice management, keeping P2P simple from start to finish

Spend Analytics Data Sheet

Unmatched analysis across all spend data sources

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